Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6 Update of the Master Cleanse

Day 6 on my Master Cleanse! Wohoo one day closer to enjoying my watermelon. I can almost taste the sweet sensation on my lips and my taste buds.

I had trouble going to sleep last night at my usual time at about 10pm. I had too much energy so I kept turning and in the end I started reading a little but this morning I was a little tired when I got up at work.

Anyhow tonight I am off to start a Aerial Silks course, sort of like Cirque du Soleil acrobatics and the two fabrics that hang from the ceiling. Wish me luck because I don't have the best strength in my arms especially when it comes to pulling myself up. I am convinced I will be getting a good workout and might even get sore but I will let you know tomorrow how it was. Hopefully that will work some of that energy off so that I can sleep well tonight.

I still can't believe I haven't eating for 6 days, it really doesn't feel like it and I am so satisfied too. Though I am looking forward to fresh fruit on Saturday.

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