Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 on the Master Cleanse

Time for another update! I am now officially on Day 7 of the Master Cleanse. Today I am feeling a little sore from my first aerial silks class last night. First class and I was hanging upside down! Never would have thought that. Obviously highly intense on the arm muscles. I applied lots of essential oils mainly the Pan Away blend which really relaxed the muscles over night.

Today I had a tough situation at work when I walked into the kitchen and one of my colleagues had just heated up her spaghetti bolognaise in the microwave. That smell was just out of this world even though I wouldn't touch food from a microwave. But I kept going and am nearing the end of Day 7.

Looking forward to my watermelon on Saturday more and more each day! I am so excited what it will taste like to enjoy my watermelon beauty with my senses on my first day after the detox.

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