Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 5 Update of the Master Cleanse

I am officially half way in my Master Cleanse! 5 days in and I am still going strong! Feel a little high and just so full energy today! I can hardly stop getting things done. How cool is that?

I finished the final planning for my cookbook this afternoon which I am more than excited about. The recipes that I am putting together are not only delicious but of course healthy. A majority will be raw food recipes with some cooked plus some of my favourite mouth watering recipes will also have cooked options which might appear to you a bit more if you are currently in a colder season. So basically the plan from here is once I have finished my Master Cleanse there will be so much healthy foods and meals in my home so that my cookbook for you will be finished soon!

I have already put in a fresh food order with my local food co op that we will pick up in Friday ready for our first day off the cleanse on Saturday. You should have seen my excitement ordering watermelon, oranges, zucchini, bananas and lemons. Can you believe it after all this time I ordered more lemons? Obviously still not sick of them. I want to continue to have my lemon drink in the morning to seriously kick start my body. 

I am still trying to decide once I have made some fresh juice on Saturday morning what I will be doing with the watermelon. Maybe a smoothie with some orange juice and wheat grass powder? Or just diced and drizzled with some orange or lemon juice? Not sure yet. We will see what happens on the day. But I can already taste the watermelon. That is one of the most amazing things coming off a cleanse, all foods just taste so so much better!

For the remainder of the day I will be doing some of Amanda Russell's workouts today. I am not quite sure whether I have mentioned her before but a few months in preparation for the NY marathon I signed up for her workout programs. I have gained so much strength and muscle definition, it has definitely been worth it. Plus one of the best things is that the workouts are short and intense so that I can fit them easily in between other things that I am doing throughout my day. This is Amanda's website in case you want to find out more Next time I am in New York I would love to meet her because she is just one amazing lady that will change the health of so many people around the world!

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