Monday, March 10, 2014

Rebounding for health!

One of the best decisions I ever made was to get my bellicon rebounder. I previously had another rebounder but it was one of the cheap ones from kmart or target. Every time I used my old one my joints and knees would hurt so I wasn't really using it that much.

When I went to the UK last year to finish my Juice Therapist qualification I tried the bellicon and was blown away. The bungees are simply amazing and there is no impact at all. I can do high jumps for longer periods of time and feel wonderful!

The reason why I love to rebound is that in 2 minutes you clean your whole lymphatic system! How cool is that? Honestly I am not sure if any other forms of exercise have the same impact. And they are so much fun! Gosh as children we loved jumping on our beds and we sometimes couldn't stop (well when mum wasn't around otherwise we would get in trouble).

I also have the feeling that through the jumping the body gets a gentle massage and it has a strengthening effect. Most days when I rebound I do shorter workouts around 10 minutes or so. I love short and effective workouts!

Here is the link to one of my absolute favourites; a running workout on the rebounder

And if you are looking for more of a strength/arm workout here is another brilliant one. Be warned though it can be quite a challenge at first but is amazing for the short time it takes!

Here is a picture of this morning's smoothie which was made by blending up organic watermelon, walnuts, apricot kernels, beetroot, raw cacao, spirulina and raw yacon syrup! I felt very energised afterwards!

What are your favourite rebounder workouts?
Please feel free to share your favourite rebounder workouts below!

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