Monday, March 17, 2014

Cravings and Human Needs

Today I want to challenge your thinking a little where will explore how cravings or desires and human needs connect. I recently learned more about this and just couldn't keep this valuable information from all my wonderful readers.

There is a theory which suggests that if your human needs aren't met you will have cravings or desires in order to fill these needs. For example you might try to fill the emptiness with foods that you know aren't the best choices for you to live the life you love.

In other words if this is the case and this is true for you no willpower will help you stop eating those foods. You are the only one though that knows whether this is the case for you.

So what are the human needs?

1. Physiological Needs. These include food, water, breathing and so forth.

 2. Safety. You have safety in your life if you  have a secure job or for example a house to live in.

3. Love and Belonging. This stand for all the relationships or connections you have in your life.

4. Self Esteem for example your confidence!

5. Self Actualisation which means your passions and finding yourself.

If you have trouble with cravings or desires maybe one of your needs currently isn't met.

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