Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 on the Master Cleanse

I am just about to finish my second day on the Master Cleanse and I have to say wow what a day it has been. At times today I wondered where my body is getting all this rubbish from that it is eliminating. But I suppose thinking about it logically there have been years where I used to consume a block of chocolate a day and I am sure the typical German diet which mostly consists of meat and carbohydrates wasn't too helpful either.

At times I thought eight more days of this is a long way to go but thankfully my stomach felt much better in the afternoon. At work I noticed that I was able to think really clear and things that were going on around me weren't affecting me as much. Normally I do get stressed out if there is many things happening at the same time.

On the plus side I also managed to squeeze in three workouts; one lower body strengthening, some rebounding and 30 minutes of yoga. I am very happy about that and think this is pretty good considering I am cleansing my body.

Funny thing was also if people had other food at work today it didn't affect me much. As a reward I am going to do some reading tonight and perhaps a meditation to help channel my energy in the positive direction and to continue to inspire me.

I thought today I share a little about one of the main ingredients in the Master Cleanse: Lemons! They are so good for you because they are alkalising for the body. Some of you may ask but what does this mean? For our bodies naturally tend to be in a slightly alkaline balance, yet nowadays a lot of the foods we consume tends to be acidic. The acidic nature of a lot of the foods that we consume then throws out that balance in our body and we do not feel at our optimum any more, we might get some symptoms as signs that things aren't right in our bodies. This could include coughs, headaches and of course there is lots more. If we continue in that direction the signs can become more severe and we might get more serious illnesses.

So lemons help our bodies to get back into balance. Plus they also help break down things in our bodies which might include gallstones or kidney stones. Lemons are also high in potassium, calcium and magnesium! And as most of us know they also contain a remarkable amount of Vitamin C!

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