Sunday, February 17, 2013

Perth Colour Run 2013

Today it was the first year of the colour run here in Perth Western Australia. I first came across it when a friend posted a link to a YouTube video about it and I thought wow that is different and looks like so much fun! You start off with a white T-Shirt..

We signed up straight away and were lucky that we did because a friend of mine told me that a few weeks before the actual event it was already sold out. At every km there were colour stations that you had to pass through. Volunteers had a great time to try and colour you as much as possible while you passed through the station. The colours at the stations were first blue, then pink, orange and yellow. Even after the first station I looked like I had fallen into a pot of colour!

Once we had completed the 5km run we went to the stage where they did count downs for more colour throws where the whole crowd would through colour in the air! There was a couple of minutes I sometimes wouldn't be able to see anything but coloured powder falling from the air; it was so much fun!

Our car ready for the drive home.

I hope you had an awesome weekend also!!!

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