Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 New York Marathon Trip - New York Part 2

This is part two of my New York Marathon Trip post. 

After we had checked into the Lucerne in Manhattan as part of our marathon package that we booked through travelling fit, we went out for a shopping spree. The sales at this time of the year were just amazing and I was able to get a Calvin Klein suit for work for just USD $60! Of course I found a few other things that I had to take home as souvenirs for myself (*cheeky grin*).

Later that day when we came back to the hotel and picked up the key to our room we found out that it had just been announced that the marathon had been cancelled. We were in shock and disappointed. There is no question that it was the right decision given the state that the city was in but in my opinion it was announced way too late. Especially after they had continued to tell everyone that it would definitely go ahead throughout the week.

This is a picture of people charging their mobile phones on the street. I guy had opened his "own business" supplying a charging facility to people without electricity in exchange for a fee.

Even though our dream had not worked out according to plan we still had a great time and enjoyed all the decorations for Halloween. Loved this spider I found hanging from a tree!
Isn't all that decoration just cool?!

There was a whole row of horse carriages in the city.

Even though the marathon had been cancelled we decided to go for a early morning run around Central Park. The views were just breathtaking and no pictures could ever do the beauty of the park justice. It was quite chilly with only about 2 degrees in the morning but for sure one of the most beautiful runs we had been on so far.

This was my buddy that we met at the park. He or maybe she came up to me and was very curious.

In the meantime we have received an email from the New York Road Runners announcing the options available to the runners that missed out in 2012 due to the cancellation of the marathon and we have decided that we will be running the 2013 NY marathon! Both Manuel and I are very excited and looking forward to the trip next year!

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