Saturday, October 6, 2012

When are you really hungy?

We all want to feel better, healthier and have more energy to enjoy the things we really love, right?

In order to get there and have more energy it is important to maintain a healthy body weight. One of the simplest action steps you can towards this, apart from a balanced diet, is to eat when you are really hungry.

I often forget to do this but picked up on it some time this week that I hadn't really only been eating when I was hungry. So Friday I dedicated to this principle. I will be honest it is not easy to eat when you are really hungry. I think it is because we often eat out of habit, since childhood we have been taught that we need to eat when it is "meal time". Often children can only leave the table when they have finished off all the food on their plate and therefore I don't think it is a surprise that it is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. Sometimes you might also eat just because others are eating and you want to fit into the crowd.

I started Friday off only with a few glasses of water and a freshly squeezed warm lemon tea and then it took until about 3 hours later until I was really hungry. I enjoyed some natural yoghurt sprinkled with chia seeds, steel cut oats and activated almonds (soaked overnight). I can guarantee you once you start doing this your food will taste so much better! It was definitely the case for me.

Something else I enjoyed doing on Friday was to actually think about what I am putting into my body; what am I trying to achieve? Do I want to feel energised? Is there any healing my body is currently undertaking? And then how can I then apply this to the food I am eating, what foods will support me in achieving this? Once you start learning about foods and how they can benefit your body you will become fascinated and especially once you start feeling healthier and more energised!

Have a great weekend!

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