Saturday, October 20, 2012

New York Marathon trip update

I can hardly believe it that we now have less than a week to go before we head to the states. I still remember when we signed up for this marathon and fundraising challenge last year in October and at the time it seemed so far away. It has been a personal development marathon in the past months with all the learnings we have had through the fundraising, meeting the most amazing people and our health as well as training journey counting down to the big day.

We recently received our marathon package with our personalised shirts containing our names. I am in absolute love with my shirt! I wore it last weekend to our longest training session in the lead up to the marathon and the material is so sleek and light, breathable for the skin which I know will be perfect for the 4th November.

It is now time to taper as they call it or in other words decrease the training to give our bodies a full chance to recover before the big day. For tomorrow we have an easy run planned for just a little longer than two hours and by the looks the weather could turn out just perfect to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. The feeling of moving my body and exercise energises me and is the reason why I love what I do; marathons and healthy eating are the perfect combination.

Plus I get to run with my husband which I love most of all and I enjoy the time with him together!

For a healthy lunch I am planning to enjoy some lightly steamed carrots with homemade tomato sauce to give my body a full dose of veggies for strength and health.

Later it is time to start getting the suitcases out, to start planning what to pack and get more excited by the minute...

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