Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tumeric Tea - Anti Inflammatory

Today was one of the first warm days with about 30 degrees. It was gorgeous to have the sun rays warm my body as we completed our 3.5 hour training session along the beach. When we do sessions like this I always admire the turquoise water which touches the sand at the beach, it's like out of a picture book. Today there wasn't many waves and the water was calm, the sun rays dancing on top of the water. 

Our session was great again we got heaps further than previous times, especially in comparison to last year when we were preparing for the City to Surf Marathon in Perth. Our trip is coming closer and so my excitement is rising daily. I just know that it will be an amazing experience to be part of the New York Marathon.

After our session along the beach my lower body felt quite exhausted so I prepared one of my favourites; tumeric tea which has great anti-inflammatory properties. I used this tea regularly after we had completed our first marathon and I believe it helped me personally a lot. I love to turn to food for medicine, because once you start learning about it it is awesome about all the natural remedies that are out there and then it is just up to you to try out whether they work well for you and your body.

In order to make this delicious tumeric tea in the Thermomix (which you can also make without one) heat up one teaspoon of tumeric in two cups of water on 60 degrees for 6 minutes. In the mean time prepare the juice of one lemon and combine with the other liquid in the Thermomix once it has finished cooking. Sieve into cups and add some honey if you wish.

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