Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Outdoor running, loving nature

Last week I didn't feel like going to the gym for my lunch time runs. I had been thinking a few times that I could just go outside and explore so to speak. I love running outside especially at a comfortable pace where you actually get to enjoy nature, the landscape and just see what treasures are out there.

I ended up doing about 8km of comfortable running around this gorgeous lake, enjoying the fresh air. It was literally a perfect day for it; sunny but not too warm. On the route there is quite a few hills so excellent training to strengthen my legs further for the very soon upcoming New York Marathon.

The highlight of my run was this little turtle that I saw walking in the grass, just so beautiful to watch! I was so glad I had chosen to do my run outside and that I got to see this little buddy!

Until next time!


  1. The Turtle is so cute! Yeah, you can't find one of those while running on a treadmill! This post was a wonderful cute reminder to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when you can :)

    Love your work Nicki!

    1. Thank you Sam! There is definitely something special about connecting with nature.


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