Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gratitude Exercises

Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and also stressed because there are so many things to do at the moment: fundraising, training, study for my natural juice therapy course, preparation for my upcoming trips, self development, catching up with the wonderful people in my life and of course at all times aiming to keep all areas in balance. So sometimes when I feel a little stuck or like I would like more out of life I ensure to complete gratitude exercises because they can have an amazing impact on your life.

Below is a great video by Katie Freiling on gratitude exercises

Here is my list of 20 things that I am grateful for:
  1. for the opportunity and availability to study natural juice therapy.
  2. for my naturpath who is assisting me with health break throughs.
  3. for my husband Manuel. Honestly he is the best thing that could have ever happened to me and it is just wonderful to be loved by him.
  4. for my parents and their love and support throughout my life.
  5. for the veggie based green juice/smoothie with aloe vera and avocado I enjoyed for lunch.
  6. for my gorgeous home that provides a shelter so many days throughout the year.
  7. for my healthy and strong body that enables me to train for the New York Marathon in November this year.
  8. for the opportunity to raise $15,000 for the Heart Foundation. I have already grown enormously throughout this life changing experience.
  9. for the healthy food that is available to me to nourish and take care of my body, family and friends.
  10. for my coach Dave and his ongoing support, encouragement and believe.
  11. for all the wonderful and gorgeous cloths available to me.
  12. for the money in my bank account.
  13. for my thrieving eBay business.
  14. for all my share trading successes.
  15. for my job as a Mine Accountant which gives me options to pursue my dreams.
  16. for Flash and Jerry that add sparkle and fun to every day of the year.
  17. my awesome, fun, orange Mazda 2.
  18. for the beautiful sunshine on this beautiful winter day.
  19. for Joyce Meyer's teachings that I enjoy every single day of the week.
  20. for my upcoming trip to the warm Phuket.
I am grateful!

I urge you to try this exercise and aim to do it regularly, it will increase your happiness and you are likely to enjoy life even more!

What are you grateful for?

Lots of love!

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