Friday, June 29, 2012

South American Morning Tea Fundraiser

Yesterday we had another morning tea fundraiser for the Heart Foundation; this time around it was South American themed! With all the wonderful help and generous nature of my wonderful friends at work we were able to raise another $121. Can you believe it we have now reached a total funds raised of $11,000! We are getting very close to the $15,000. We also raised $135 through the car wash that we did last weekend and I was amazed at how much fun I actually had washing cars with my hubby.

Two gorgeous ladies I work with helped me prepare some of the yummy food for the South American morning tea. Below are some pictures of the morning tea.

Cocadas (Delicious Coconut Candy)

Brazilian Peanut Fudge

Venezuelan Ham-Olive-Sultana Bread

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Patties


As you can see it was definitely a morning tea to remember with all the beautiful homemade food. 

Lots of love!

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