Sunday, June 10, 2012

Busselton Getaway

This weekend we went down to Busselton for two nights; a short break and some time just for us. We stayed at the Busselton Guest House, or also called Beds by the Bay, for which we had bought a voucher a while back.

I was lucky enough to be able to get out earlier after work so we straight away drove down south at about 3pm. It was about a 3 hours drive but we enjoyed the drive especially once you get further into the outback when the landscape changes. We got to Busselton shortly after 6pm and we decided to have dinner before heading to our accommodation.

I had checked out places to eat on Tripadvisor so we checked out El Gringo and had mexican food. We both chose enchiladas, mine had a decious filling with chilli con carne and prawns with salsa, topped with cheese, chives and some sour cream. The enchiladas also came served with brown rice and freole. I would definitely recommend this place, the food was awesome and the service was very good too.

When we arrived at the Guest House we first of all got to choose our room because including us there was only two couples staying for the weekend. So we chose the big room with even a TV. We were really happy that the room was equipped with a heater blanket which made the nights nice and cosy. Mike the owner made us breakfast on both mornings, the omelettes were just the best (mine was with mushrooms, onions, avocado and cheese) and the croissants were massive!

Both mornings we got up at about 7am for an 1 hour morning run on each of the days. Below are some pictures we took during our Saturday run.

 Just before we started our run.

Enjoying the landscape.

The Jetty.

This view was just amazing from the river that flows into the ocean.

The gorgeous sunrise.

In the park at the maze we visited in Margaret River.

The maze at Amaz'n in Margaret River. It was lots of fun but took us about 25 minutes when we first went in. If I am honest I was a little lost in there but I had my wonderful hubby with me.

It was a truly awesome weekend and we enjoyed every moment; everything from the olive oil place, the brewery or the Margaret River Chocolate Company.

I think so often we get so busy with life but it is important to just spend quality time with the people we love and that mean the world to us.

Have an awesome week!

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