Friday, April 6, 2012

Natural Hair Colour

Today I spent some quality time with my parents especially with mum. I had been wanting to try out Marina's Ambrosia 100% natural and permanent henna hair colours. About a month ago I ordered my first chosen colour to try out; a golden brown. Henna is not just great as a natural colour for hair but is also an amazing treatment for the hair. I had tried it years ago with a more redish colour but from what we could remember it was a very very messy experience.

However due to my commitment of using natural products on my body almost 100% of the time I was keen to try this one out. Two packets came to about $40 and I had read a tip about using this particular hair colour in order to even cover grey hairs I soaked it over night in lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon sugar. It looked a little like a dirty green brownish colour, I suppose a bit like poo :)

The next day at mum's place I mixed it with hot water to make a smooth paste. I think the key is to get it not too runny but easy to apply so that it won't crumb and make a real mess. As mum applied it she sounded surprised how good it went on. I mean really it is very different from normal colour because it is like mud on your hair that you leave on for about 3 hours that drys into like a dry helmet.

Washing it off takes probably the longest, we started in the sink in the laundry and the last bits I had to rinse off in the shower. During this process I did not use any shampoo. My hair feels really nice and has a golden redish shine but according to the package it will take approximately 48 hours to fully develop. I am looking forward to see the final result on Sunday. Overall we were impressed with the product. In case you want to read up more about the actual hair colour I used it is probably best to head to Marina's Ambrosia Website

What are your tips on using henna hair colours? What is your favourite henna hair colour?

Till next time!

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