Sunday, April 1, 2012

My New Asics Gel Landreth 7

Recently I felt that my knees and legs were a lot sorer than usual after my runs so last week I went to the Running Centre in Perth to get some new shoes. I have also had them for over a year and with marathon training it was time for an upgrade to ensure my legs and joints are protected during my training.

I was very impressed at the Running Centre they first measured my feet and after got me to run on a treadmill. I had never seen this done in a running shoe shop before and they actually film you to see how much support you need. When you run on the treadmill it is important to note that you actually do not wear any shoes at all. Through this I found out that I am almost normal as they say which means that I only need minimal support when running. I found this quite interesting actually because previously at athletes foot they had told me that I roll in but at the time I wasn't quite sure how accurate it really is when you just walk over a mat especially when you use the shoes for running.

So the recommendation was the Asics Gel Landreth 7

My last ones were also Asics but I felt during the Perth City to Surf Marathon last year that I needed a bigger size for enough space for my toes for such a distance. I had previously also read in a book that it is always better to have a bigger size of shoe for long distance running rather than too small. 

So this time I went one size up and got a US size 8. This shoes, as the name suggests, has gel cushioning and feels like more a lightweight model in comparison to some of the other shoes I have had in the past.

Yesterday I took them out for a run for the first time and I love them! Definitely enough space for my toes and my feet and legs felt great with them! And even though I took them a size bigger I felt they still felt snug around the back of my feet.

The soles

I also got another pair of running shoes just because I find it generally better if you can swap them and my legs and feet feel better probably because it gives the shoes room to "breathe". But I will most probably tell you about my second pair in another post.

What are your favourite running shoes and why?

Till next time!

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