Monday, April 2, 2012

Total Body Strength Workout

I only started doing this last week but I can already notice that I am getting better with doing my weights in my total body strength workout. I came to the conclusion that it would be best to include weights and overall strengthening of my body in order to prevent injuries which is very very important when training for a marathon.

This is the circuit I completed 4 times (apart from the plank) with a weight of 2kg to start off

Shoulder press 12x

Squats with wide feet and going low x12

Biceps Curls x12

Lunges x12 on each leg

Bent over row x12

Push ups on knees x12

Calf raises x12

Crunches on Fitball x12

Plank hold for one minutes (this one I only completed twice)

Please ensure that you warm up for a minimum of five minutes before completing the circuit and that you do stretches for about 10 minutes after. It is also a good idea to search any of the above on YouTube if you are unsure how to do them.

One of the awesome things is when you have been doing strength workouts for a while and you notice the difference and how far you have come ;) Enjoy!

What are your favourite overall body strength moves?

Till next time!

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