Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to grow your own sprouts

A few months ago I borrowed a book from the library about growing sprouts and it basically described how these can improve our health significantly. First of all by growing my own sprouts I never use any of the chemicals that farmers of other fresh produce would use and therefore the harvest of my sprouts turns out heaps healthier and of course more nutritious because they are very young plants full of goodness.

I first had a look online but wasn't quite sure which one to get because there are a few on the markets so shortly after I put the idea aside again. At a family birthday at my aunty's place I saw that she was growing her own sprouts and I asked her where she got hers. After that it didn't take long and I purchased mine from one of the few health food stores that stock them here in Perth and started my journey of growing my own sprouts.

My sprouter is a Bio Snacky by A. Vogel. I also discovered an online website from which you can get the seeds at reasonable prices called Rangeview Seeds. They are in Tasmania and through my research online they were by far one of the most competitive in prices. My first order included a wide variety ranging from beans to various grasses, and of course alfalfa, cress and radish seeds. From my experience I have found the grasses and alfalfa, cress, radish, mustard but even flaxseed and chia to be quite successful in my sprouting. Somehow I have problems when it comes to the beans and they seem to start molding which is really something you want to avoid.

This is my current alfalfa sprouts. They are now big enough and ready to be enjoyed!

Plus I also have some cress that is currently growing. These can give a nice spicy addition to meals.

 In order to sprout the smaller seeds in the Bio Snacky I use the sheets that can be purchased to go in it.

These are like very thin fleece sheets that prevent the seeds from falling through the holes and gives them something to hold onto as they grow and develop.

The sprouts can be used for many things. I love to add them to my juices (just make sure to place them in between two apples to extract the most possible juice from them), I love to add them to salads or they are beautiful on a fresh bowl of soup.

What are your favourite sprouts? Have you successfully sprouted beans? What is your secret?

Have an awesome Sunday!

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