Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goal Setting: Vision Posters

 There is many ways of goal setting and some of you may have previously heard of vision posters. Through vision posters you are able to do goal setting in a more passive way. Basically you use a blank poster size cardboard (it is really up to you what size) and that's when the fun begins. You can use lots of different magazines or newspapers or even brochures. You can print out pictures from the internet to stick on your poster. You can cut out writing/write your own or you can even draw on your vision poster. With the help of a vision poster you create pictures for you to look at on a daily basis of what you would like to get out of life. It can relate to experiences, material items; in other words the sky is the limit.

Vision posters are definitely one of my favourite ways of goal setting. In my opinion it is important to get clear on what I want in life because if I am not sure what I want I can't really get to the finish line or in other words the goal. Of course goals can also change so don't worry about getting it 100% right.

Some questions I asked myself to create my vision poster were
  • where would I like to live?
  • what house would I like?
  • what job would I like?
  • what experiences do I want to do?
  • what car would I love to drive?
  • who would I like to spend time or more time with?
  • what countries would I like to see or visit?
  • is there any sports challenges I would like to do?
  • is there anything I would like to try out sometime?
These are just a few to give you some ideas on how I came up with my vision poster.

Many people swear by this goal setting method but I always like to try things like that out for myself to see whether they work for me. Late last year Manuel and I were brain storming what we could do for his birthday. Something that popped into my head was hot air ballooning which Manuel had always wanted to do. I am actually afraid of heights but I was willing to give it a shot. I am sure it would make his birthday celebrations special. So we went ahead and booked it the same week. A few weeks later Manuel took me to my vision poster and showed me the picture of the hot air balloon which I had stuck on my vision poster years ago when I first created this masterpiece. The Balloon was one of the balloons that was unique to the company we had made the booking with! It took a while to sink in because I had done this all unconsciously.

Below are some pictures from the actual hot air balloon experience

It was amazing how without a steering wheel the pilots manage to control them by taking advantage of the right winds. The balloon flew so elegant, gliding through the sky with us in it, I am sure I will never forget this experience!

I have put my vision poster up in the bedroom so that I see it every day. The main thing in my opinion is to find a place where you will see the vision poster every day.

Have you ever created a vision poster and if so did it work for you?

Lots of love!

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