Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fruity Dinner

Hi There,

Since I have done the Juice Detox I always seem to want fresh fruit and vegetables when I am hungry. Everything tastes so much better as well.

So tonight I had two mangoes for dinner plus a avocado and banana smoothie. For the smoothie I used one banana and half of an avocado plus a small cup of water and blended the whole lot in my Thermomix. Sorry the smoothie was so fast gone that I completely forgot to take a picture for you to see...

Not only did it tastes delicious but I know exactly that tomorrow when I do my training I will feel my  best and will be able to put 100% into it.

The training has been going really well though I have to say I noticed that I stepped it up for this week. This morning for my strength training I did a lower body and core yoga DVD for about 30 minutes. My muscles were pumping but I felt really good after especially after the tiny meditation at the end of the practice. Shortly I will be heading out for a short walk with my hubby to get some fresh air and move my legs.

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