Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sexy on Raw Australia Tour

On Thursday night my hubby and I went to the Sexy on Raw Tour with Philip McCluskey and Julie Ann-Booth. First Helen Frost, a leading nutritional educator in Perth, gave an education to nutrition and the importance of including more living raw foods and not prepackaged foods that are literally dead. She explained how to restore balance to our bodies and the formula to stay healthy where one of the most important things is to drink our daily amount of water because only a small amount of us do this on a continual basis.

Julie then gave a cooking demonstration and made some delicious dishes for that particular night such as Asian inspired cabbage salad, a raw sweet potato salad, a raw corn chowder and a mango and berry dessert of which we got to try all of them in the break. They were just amazing especially the sweet potato salad was unbelievable and I never thought I would love raw sweet potato that much. A rep from ladyship also showed us how to make an easy green smoothie to help get our daily greens which everyone got to taste later; yummy!

But Philip was my personal favourite and so inspirational. For those of you that have never heard of him he tried about 30 different diets because he weight over 180kg approximately and none of them worked. He then switched over night to a raw food diet and lost over 200 pounds this way. He is now passionate about educating others and helping others to achieve the outstanding level of health he is now enjoying. He also shared his experiences on success in all areas of life and his beliefs.

Overall we had a great night and even Manuel said that it was great. I would strongly encourage anyone to go and check out his Australian Tour; he is simply amazing!

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