Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On superfoods - my approach

There are so many superfoods nowadays available to us and the range is always increasing. At times it can be quite overwhelming and I find the purchase of some superfoods can leave quite a dent in the budget.

Personally I always conduct my own research prior to any purchase and if possible I read up on reviews and studies as well. I love variety so I am not particularly the type that will stick to one superfood for very long periods of time. I find I feel my best when I include different ones and also keep changing them to experiment, have fun or in other words enjoy and re discover foods. This way I can nourish my body with an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

I believe everyone of us has to find an approach where they feel their best and that works in harmony with their life and budget. Shopping around also pays when shopping for superfoods; to search the internet for prices or even bulk purchases and you might find it useful to check out your local health food store or discount pharmacist.

Finally never underestimate the effect every day foods can have on your health. As an example did you know that sesame seeds are high in calcium? Therefore you could include tahini (sesame paste) as a dip when snacking on vegetables or simply add it to other dishes.

In the future I am planning on sharing my knowledge and findings from research as well as experiences so that it will build up to a library full of knowledge for everyone to access.

If you are particulary interested in something or would like to contribute so that we can all life to our potential please contact me: I would love to hear from all of you that read my blog.

Have an awesome day!

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