Monday, November 21, 2011

My training today - yoga with Shiva Rea Creative Core and Upper Body

I have been going to the gym to the lunch time yoga class for over a year but somehow it never fully connected with me. I suppose I still noticed the good that it did for my body which is why I kept attending the class.

The turning point for me was when a close friend invited me to a yoga weekend down south in WA with Amber Spear. This weekend established an amazing connection with yoga for me and a connection to myself. During the two days it was perfect; health focused food, exploring different yoga styles. I cam back feeling in balance with life and my surroundings.

From this point I have more and more connected with yoga and find that I keep learning more about myself on this journey. I recently decided to purchase a set of Shiva Rea's DVDs online because I want to work towards maintaining balance in my life. To be honest I had never heard of Shiva Rea before ordering the DVDs but I only found positive reviews which encouraged me.

So last night I decided to do the creative core and upper body DVD. It was an amazing workout; great if you have just spent the whole day at the office and challenging to build up that inner heat for a good workout. I loved it and can feel that happy pulling in my muscles today. I am planning on including more core work into my weekly schedule now because a strong core can boost your endurance massively. I am currently feeling a little bored with the standard core workouts so this DVD made a big difference by using yoga to strengthen the core.

I think the main thing is to find that style and/or teacher that you connect with so that you are able to reap the full benefits from your practice.

Enjoy your journey!

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