Monday, October 31, 2011

Today's Training

I have previously mentioned that my training program is based on the principles of Stu Mittleman "Slow Burn". Today I wanted to share with you what training I did today. During my lunch break I went down to the gym (yes I am one of those lucky people that get to go and enjoy the gym on their lunch break) for a treadmill session. In Stu's book he describes how to find what he calls the MAP zone which is based on your heart rate and your level of fitness. It is a heart rate zone where you feel comfortable, flowing and can easily hold conversations. Personally for me this zone is based on heart rates 124 to 144. In this zone you can run or walk; do what you feel like at the time and what keeps you within the heart rate zone. In the beginning you are more likely to do walking and with time you will be able to progress to comfortable running, where you will be getting faster and faster. The amazing thing that I have found is that whenever I do one of these sessions I end up having so much more energy than before and feeling fantastic. For me such a session is great during lunch time because it means I am off to a great start into the afternoon of my day.

I generally tend to do a bit of a mix of running and walking in these session which I also did today. My speeds today varied anywhere in between 7-8.5km/hr. My walking I did in between speeds 6-6.5km/hr. Usually I do anywhere between 3-4 of these sessions during the week. With time of training like this you will find yourself looking forward to these sessions more and more because they make you feel so great and you get enjoyment out of it; which is ultimately what exercise should really be about. You will be able to stick with something that you enjoy for the long run creating long lasting great results. You can translate this I am sure into any other type of exercise. I would recommend doing some form of exercise you are passionate about and enjoy which is one of the most important "ingredients". Plus of course you will become so much healthier and happier; bonus!

When I got home today I also felt like dancing so I took out one of my Zumba 20 minute express DVDs and just started dancing away in my lounge. Dancing is another of my passions; I find it lifts my spirit and I love moving to the music. So you can see I don't limit myself in my exercise or training; I do what I enjoy and love!

Quote for the day :
For true happiness, look within yourself. It's difficult to be happy if you rely on outside resources.
- K. D. Harrell -

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