Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Vegetable Steaming Guidelines for the Thermomix

I have had questions recently on how long to steam vegetables in the Varoma for the Thermomix. Steaming is a gentler way of gently cooking vegetables through hot steam. This method of cooking also retains more nutrients than if you were to boil the vegetables in water.

Here are some guidelines to help you steam your vegetables:

Cauliflower (500g) -  18 minutes
Broccoli (500g) -       12-14 minutes
Mushrooms (500g) -  11-13 minutes
Frozen Peas (500g) - 16-18 minutes
Chinese Cabbage (500g) - 11-13 minutes
Fennel (500g) -          16-18 minutes
Green Beans (500g) - 22-24 minutes
Potatoes (500g) -       30 minutes
Carrots (500g) -        17-19 minutes
Capsicum (500g) -     10-12 minutes
Spinach (500g) -        11-12 minutes
Zucchini (500g) -       15-17 minutes

To steam any of the above vegetables
  1. Fill 500g of water into your Thermomix bowl. As a general guideline the water always needs to cover the blades.
  2. Steam your vegetables on Varoma for the recommended times above.

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