Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Review

I was inspired the other day when I read that Better Raw as part of coming to the end of another year positively reflects on the achievements made throughout the year. This focuses on a more positive approach rather than thinking about what I didn't achieve.

Reflection on 2012:

  1. Manuel and I raised $13,000 for the Heart Foundation (Read our Community Paper Article)
  2. We trained for our second marathon and loved the feeling of finding out how much stronger our bodies were this time around.
  3. We travelled to the US for the first time and we met Hurricane Sandy.
  4. We held our first ever charity auction with the help of so many amazing businesses around Perth (Here are some of the most amazing businesses in Perth)
  5. I created healthier morning teas at work focused on exploring different countries around the world at each of my morning teas (this was part of our fundraising for the Heart Foundation).
  6. We were offered a spot (and accepted) in the 2013 New York Marathon since we had missed out.
  7. I got accepted into Jason Vale's Juice Therapy Distance course that I am currently completing!
  8. I enrolled in 2013's Juice Academy (also by Jason Vale).
  9. We travelled to Phuket and explored this little piece of paradise!
  10. I learned so much about myself and the path I am heading in (becoming a juice therapist) thanks to my wonderful coach David Edwards.
  11. I took on a new role in Marketing in the Mining Company that I work for; the new growth opportunity I had been looking for.
  12. I kept learning about so many healthier ways of eating and living through friends, books I read and research I did online. For example I started baking with coconut flour!
  13. I organised a ton of events for the fundraising that I had never done before in my whole life such as car washes, face painting, raffles and many more. The amount I have learned through this whole journey is just priceless.
  14. I got a Kombucha Scoby in December!
  15. I completed 2 juice detoxes where in previous years I had never ever done one. Loved every minute of it and the energy I got was just out of this world!
  16. I started growing my own sprouts!
  17. Manuel and I went on the first ever trip with my parents!

What are your achievements for 2012?

Wishing you all an amazing New 2013!

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