Monday, September 24, 2012

Millet and Almond Porridge Recipe for the Thermomix

First of all I have great news you can now find Every Heart Beat Counts on Facebook! So make sure you like my page on Facebook by clicking on the badge on the right of the website.

I had a pretty awesome morning, got the Facebook page sorted and made myself a delicious and energising green juice. I processed one apple, one orange, half a zucchini, some kale, and a whole tray of home grown alfalfa sprouts. As a final touch I blended in some aloe vera that I still had in the fridge. I felt so good afterwards and it kept me going for hours.

Then about mid morning I made myself some simply awesome millet and almond porridge.

Millet is one of the few grains which is alkaline and is therefore great for the body to maintain that slightly alkaline balance in which the body operates most efficient. This will become a more regular for sure; with all the health benefits and it tastes so good!

What you will need:
  • 50g millet
  • 10g almonds
  • 15g dates
  • 200g water
  • your favourite toppings to sprinkle over your porridge
  1. First grind the millet and almonds on speed 8 for about one minute.
  2. Next add the dates and grind for 30 seconds on speed 8.
  3.  Scrape down the sides and add the water. Cook on 80 degrees for 15 minutes on speed 3.

I topped my porridge with some raspberries, dried coconut and chia seeds.

What porridge recipes have you tried using grains other than oats and how did they turn out?

Later on tonight I will be doing a running session which will go for just over 2 hours to get me more ready for the New York Marathon in a few weeks time. Gosh it is just amazing how fast the time has passed and now it is only 43 days left! I am getting so excited, most things have been organised for the trip...

Plus we have actually reached our fundraising target for the Heart Foundation. We are very proud and happy. The amount I learned during this year to raise $15,000 is enormous. I had never really done any major fundraising prior to this and we organised so many fun events; lots of morning teas at work, a charity auction, car washes and more. Plus something that I will treasure is all the great people we have met along the way that have supported our cause in improving the heart health of all Australians!

Have an awesome week!

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