Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kirsch against Migraines

During our last trip to Germany one of our friends told us about a natural remedy; Kirsch with salt. Apparently many people have claimed that it can help with asthma, belly pain, problems with eyes, wounds, soar throats, fever and many many more. When I told her that I get migraines she gave me a bottle and a little booklet by J. Schmid explaining how to use it for several symptoms.

All that this remedy uses is Kirsch mixed with sea salt. However depending on what symptoms you are treating, it can be used in different ways.

Every time I had a migraine I kept forgetting that I had this bottle however yesterday I had a severe migraine where I ended up spending almost the whole day in bed. I tried various things that sometimes can help such as juices, Dispirin and even some coffee but nothing helped. When it got later in the night I remembered the Kirsch and asked my hubby to apply it to my forehead, neck and belly. It can also be mixed with warm water to drink however I did not try this method.

Already after the first application I felt the pain lessening and after the second application it was pretty much gone! Absolutely amazing stuff!

Have you had or heard of any experiences of Kirsch as a natural remedy?

Until next time!

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