Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review of "Hungry for Change"

Through one of Jason Vale's newsletter emails I first found about about the "Hungry for Change" movie and was looking forward to the release date on 21 March 2012. From the release date until the 31 March 2012 you are able to view the movie for free once you have registered under

I pretty much watched it the first day after the release date and was shocked about the secrets revealed in the movie. Basically this movie reveals the big manufacturing companies secrets and how their main aim is to get you addicted and coming back for more of the food items they sell. Food in supermarkets nowadays is made to look amazing and to last as long as possible on the shelf. By making food items last as long as possible this fact in itself, from a common sense of view, cannot be healthy.

Or have you had a look at the back of foods that you find in the supermarket and see the long list of numbers or in other words of additives? The food industry no longer is about creating value and healthy items necessarily but about creating cash flow for the companies. Most people don't even know the amount of sugar we are consuming in a day or how much we are giving our children.

One of my favourite parts in the film is the section where Jamie Olivier shows as a way of sugar cubes how much sugar our kids are eating nowadays. This section alone will make you look at food in a whole new way.

So many people think that eating healthy is boring or tastes bad, even horrible. But nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion. Options are endless if you make sure you use foods as close to their original state as possible. For example instead of chocolate you can create your own chocolatey recipes by using raw cacao powder. This for example ensures that you get the full goodness of the food rather than in a product that was bored at the supermarket. This is just one of many examples and there is so many wholefood recipes that you can find online or in books or even in the recipe book of the movie "Hungry for Change".

I would highly recommend this movie and I will definitely watch it again. It is time that consumers take charge of their own health!

What were your favourite parts of the movie or had the biggest impact on your life? What changes did you implement after watching the movie?

Till next time!

The Official Trailer of "Hungry for Change"

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