Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Green Smoothie

Good Morning Everyone!

This morning Manuel and I got up at 5am and went to the beach for a morning run in the sand! It was awesome; great workout because the sand makes your body work so much harder. Later on I am planning on doing some weights; either a DVD or some of the workouts I have found in my Runner's World Magazine.

After I got home I made myself a delicious smoothie with 1/2 of a small pineapple, 1 cup blueberries and a big handfull of greens (I used a spinach and rocket mix that I still had waiting for me in the fridge) :) It tasted delicious and had a gorgeous purple colour! As always process in a blender or in my case in your Thermomix for about a minute on speed 9.

Enjoy this great start into the day!

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