Friday, November 11, 2011

Purple Carrot Juice

This morning I made what I call the Purple Carrot Juice. I will be very honest I love making it because it is so good for you but most of all I love the colours of this juice; it looks gorgeous!

What you will need to make this delicious juice (which by the way will help to up your veggie intake ;) )
  • 6 carrots
  • 6 large leaves purple cabbage
  • 1 celery stalk
Put all of the above through your juicer and enjoy over some ice or just on its own!

Carrots contain 
  • Vitamin A (good for vision and skin; also anti-cancer), 
  • Vitamin K (helps prevent osteoporosis and good to maintain healthy blood clotting), 
  • Vitamin B1 (aids metabolism, nerves and muscles), 
  • Vitamin B7 (good for hair, skin), 
  • Vitamin B9 (maintains a healthy nervous system)
  • Calcium
  • Sodium (regulates fluid balance)
  •  Manganese (helps protein and fat metabolism)
  • Phosphorus (supports immune system and maintains energy)
  • Zinc (good for wound healing, skin health, protects against prostate disorders, helps regulate blood fat levels)

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