Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2012 ING New York Marathon & the Heart Foundation

My newest goal is to run the New York Marathon in 2012 to raise $15,000 for the Heart Foundation!

After completing the Perth City to Surf Marathon, I am now in love with running and was looking for a new goal when I found out about the fundraising for the Heart Foundation. Another one of my passions is health and nutrition which makes this the perfect combination and I am so looking forward to the year ahead!

To date we have raised $1,126!

I did a few morning teas; one at my mum's work and one at my work. Manuel and I also went to the flea markets after we cleaned out our house, which not only gave us a lot more space but raised us approximately $500 for the Heart Foundation. Also quite a lot of people have donated using my fundraising website Every Heart Beat Counts

Manuel has been getting a lot of free stuff on gumtree which we are planning to take to the flea markets again on this coming Sunday 23 October 2011 in Karrinyup to raise more funds for the Heart Foundation!

Please feel free to contact us if you have anything that you  no longer need that we could use to raise funds for the Heart Foundation!

I have also started with my training again and I will be following a different training schedule (by Stu Mittleman) and method this time around. I will be sharing more information on this in my coming posts. I have also put together a plan for my nutrition to make even more positive changes in my life!

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