Friday, August 31, 2012

Healthy Baking Competition Morning Tea Fundraiser

This week I organised a healthy baking competition for our monthly Heart Foundation fundraising morning tea. In one of the bookshops in Joondalup I had found some cookbooks recently that I thought would be great to give away as prices; one a vegetarian Indian cookbook, one on casseroles and one on crumbles.

The idea was to get people thinking about healthier baking and to simply make people realise that yes even healthy food can taste absolutely amazing!

My wonderful friends that work with me at Newmont came up with some delicious dishes such as Spicy Thai Chicken Cups, Banana Cake, Mushroom Bacon and Cheese Frittatas, Healthy Snacks, Lemon Polenta Cake and Russian Pancakes with honey. Clearly all of them were awesome and all of them should have received prizes!

I also made my muesli bars without any added sugar.

The competition was heaps of fun and everyone got into it plus we were able to raise another $137 for the Heart Foundation.

Lots of love!

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