Sunday, June 3, 2012

Endomondo iPhone App

Tuesday night we caught up with a friend and went to some training with him. It was an awesome night and I ended up meeting lots of awesome people, especially Dave, who is much into walking. However he showed me this iPhone app I hadn't heard of before called Endomondo.

Basically it allows you to track say in our case our runs. It maps where exactly we ran, the distance plus it keeps track of your speed. It divides up the speed into the various kms you ran so that you can actually see say when you ran your 5th kilometer at what speed you were going.

We downloaded it and tried it out on yesterday's and today's run. I am in love with the app because usually we just run for fun and I never really have an idea how fast we went. Yes we have received comments that we are going at a good speed but I had no idea that we are traveling at an average speed of approximately 10km!

So in case you haven't heard of it or haven't tried this one; give it a shot! Even the free version is fantastic and allows you to still track, map and track your speed on your runs.

Here is some pictures I took of the data of yesterday's run to give you an idea of how awesome this apps is:

History screen shot of all runs

Mapping the whole run

Summary data of our run

Break down/split of our run

Is there any other iPhone apps you have found useful in relation to fitness and health?

Have an awesome day!

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