Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Big Juice Spring Clean

On Monday I started the Big Juice Spring Clean. The whole Jason Vale community is taking part in a two week juice and smoothie detox, however in the second week the plan slowly introduces soups as well as fresh salads back into the diet.

There is tons of people with their main motivation weight loss. Personally for me I just want to continue on my path to health and wellbeing where this is another step, this time a two week program. Some of you might know that I completed the 7lbs in 7 days program early this year. I am not going to pretend and have to say it was tough the first few days back in January. However once you get to about day 4 and especially days 6 and 7 you just feel amazing. This buzzing feeling of energy that is flowing in your body is truly beautiful.

I remember during the last one we had so much energy towards the end that we even ended up running in the sand along the beach (which would usually be a pretty tough workout but it was perfect).

Below is Jason making one of his awesome juices

I am now on the third day but feeling quite tired today. This time I also notice that I am a lot more active and that my body seems to demand a little more. Therefore I am taking the option of having the occasional avocado or banana or at times even an apple.

I am already looking forward to getting further into the week because I know I will feel outstanding, ready to take on anything!

Jason Vale is one of my biggest role models and I truly admire his work and commitment to introduce more people to juicing. Therefore I have decided once I have completed my CPA studies, for which I am currently doing my last unit, I will be undertaking Jason Vale's Juice Therapy Course. Because juicing was where my journey originally began and it has done so much for my health that I would love to share this with everyone I meet.

Who is your role model when it comes to juicing? Do you have any other role models when it comes to health and wellness?

Lots of love!

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