Monday, February 20, 2012

A new found treasure

As I was yesterday on the internet I came across a new website called

In my goal to include more meditations and yoga into my daily life to also enhance my marathon training and overall health I decided to sign up. It is an awesome website that gives you access to hundreds of videos for yoga practices, meditations, it even includes pilates and information about nutrition as well as a community section.

Because I have noticed the other day that I seem to be very stressed out and busy getting things done I noticed that I had neglected my yoga and meditations which always made me feel so good. It also helps me stay connected to myself which I didn't feel lately.

So this morning on my day off I decided to start off on the website and I did a journey into love meditation by Sarah Harrison. Because I hadn't done a meditation for quite a few weeks it took a while for me to quieten my body and mind but I felt amazing afterwards and I think I had one of the best days for a while where I took the time to enjoy things in my day rather than rushing around as we do so very often in our busy lives.  

I took some time for myself and got an eco tan spray tan done which is all natural. My skin feels really nice as if I had a treatment done on my whole body. Afterwards I went over my dads for lunch. We had a simple meal; scrambled eggs, tomatoes, basil and fresh bread from the bakery that he had been to on the weekend. It was perfect; a nice long chat, some research for our upcoming trip later in the year and a short walk in the park with Rex, my parents' German Shepard dog.

I made some Italian biscotti in preparation for Wednesday's morning tea to raise more funds for the Heart Foundation and enjoyed a nice long chat with my hubby when he got home. I love it to just enjoy a good conversation with him, sharing a cup of tea, some laughs and looking into his amazing eyes.

Like I said a perfect day, which I might potentially end with some yoga or a bedtime meditation and some time with my two cats...

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