Monday, October 24, 2011

How to sprout Mung Beans

In order to include more raw foods in my diet I decided to try something new and start sprouting mung beans a few days ago.  You may be wondering why...

Research has shown that sprouting mung beans results in the beans becoming highly nutritious and high in enzymes and can transform it into a superfood. Sprouting mung beans results in the bean being high in Vitamin C, a good source of plant protein (some websites reckon up to 23%) and it is also good for sensitive digestive systems.

With the sprouted mung beans I am going to make Carrot Mung and Celery Burger Patties once they are ready. You can also eat them as snacks or put them over your salad. They are so easy to sprout that I just had to share it; an easy way to include more superfoods into your diet!

What you will need is a big glass jar (I started with a 2 litre jar but later had to divide them because they are getting bigger in size as they sprout).

1. Soak approximately 1 cup mung beans or a smaller quantity if you prefer in water for 12 hours.

2. Drain seeds and rinse them after the soaking time.

3. Cover with a cheese cloth or mesh screen and secure with an elastic band. Set at an angle (I lean them against the rack on my gas stove or put it in the second bathroom against the basin).

4. They will take 2 days for sprouting and during this time ensure that you rinse them 3-4 times daily to ensure they are as healthy as possible. The end result will look something like this

I hope you enjoy trying this out as much as I did!

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